"We will work together adding the all important elements of power and consistency to your game, while maintaining the individualism and art of your swing."  M. Howes

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If your handicap is between 10 and about 15 to 18, then use technology to change your magic number.
Sometimes you wish you had one, at other times you’d prefer the other. So have them both.
The very best ball strikers playing for money take advantage of anything that helps consistency. Should you?
More golf is played from 100 yards in, than on the rest of the course. So how do you stand on two important questions?
You probably have between 12 and 16 opportunities in every round to turn this into a moment of magic.
Your fairway wood could be worth its weight in gold. Is it?
Driver designers are now competing with “speed”, but what do you need?
We hear a lot of chat about shaft flex (and even profile) but there’s something else, possibly even more important.
There are myths and misunderstanding we need to clear up.
There’s an excellent reason to come along with your driver and let us change your game.
Speed matters, but it’s easy to increase.
The difference in swing speed between regular Tour Professionals and most amateurs isn’t much, but the tee shot distance difference is greater than it should be.
Some traditionalists want to hang on to the past. Well, we like some of the improvements.
In the last three weeks, we’ve asked questions about what you most want out of your golf.
Some traditionalists worry about the golf ball and its performance. Is the distance your golf ball travels your biggest concern?
Which is your favorite format, and which would you rather not play?
On Tour there has been an improvement of between 15 and 20% in driver distance. Have you seen that improvement?
You’re driving to the club to play golf. What most inspires you about your golf today?
Adjustability used to come at the expense of some forgiveness. Maybe not now.
There is an argument that the biggest leap forward in performance is not the actual design of golf clubs but our improved understanding of impact, launch and ball flight. Are we about to make another ... See more
We’re interested in where you rank on a scale from 1 (where golf is a recreational and social past-time) to 5 (it’s all about competitive sport).
If you want to hit higher spinning wedge shots, we’ve learned a lot from launch monitor data.
Just when you want accuracy, your equipment could be trouble in the making.
Do you know what spin loft is? If you want to hit higher spinning wedge shots, you need to know.
If the sole of the club is square to the turf at impact, then it’s easier to find the sweet spot. It’s certainly easier to hit it on target.
Faced with a 50m shot too many golfers think the way to hit it closer is to use a higher ball flight with a higher lofted wedge. Is it?
Over 60% of golfers waste great swings. They have lie angles that are incorrectly sending a great swing wide of the target.
If you want to hit lower trajectory, high spinning wedge shots, then get some basics right first.
Don’t measure your experience by performance vs. handicap. Measure it by the number of great shots you hit.
For many, many golfers, enjoyment trumps handicap. So check this final benchmark.
Fit your driver for your launch DNA and not only will you get more performance, it will be your friend for much longer.
There is a very revealing point at which golfers hit a limit.
Sometimes changing your trajectory reduces the danger from the tee.
Most golfers have a part of their game that drags their handicap down (or up actually).
Of your personal launch DNA requires us to reduce your spin rate, then there’s a good chance that along with more distance, you’ll be straighter too.
For the second consecutive year, Srixon has been awarded MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Game Improvement Iron.

Building upon the success of the Z 565 Irons, Srixon’s Z 585 Irons took home this ...
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When you read magazines they have to make assumptions about who you are. We don’t. We’re interested in your own Launch DNA.
If you want to improve your score or lower your handicap, then start by benchmarking some key areas of your game.
Bunkers don’t have to be thought of as a ‘hazard’.
Learning how to use your bounce will make you much more consistent, and eliminate fat shots.